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Case Study

The Hamilton/Burlington SPCA is an almost entirely self-funded no-kill animal shelter. They rely on the goodwill of their donors (usually big time animal lovers) to fund their mission of finding “forever homes” for every animal that comes into their care. We respect them deeply. They’re doing exceptional work.


Dan Banko
Tara Bryk
Russ Druiven
Sandra Mulder



THE Project

The HBSPCA first called us in 2013 with a specific need: It was time to update their communication materials. In fact, it was overdue. Ever keen to help heart-centred organizations thrive (and animals find homes), we were a big fat YES from the get-go. And we’ve been working with them ever since.

Using a refined, modernized brand, we developed an annual report template that could be repurposed by the organization year over year without stagnating (hello, budget efficiency) and developed a series of case studies featuring volunteers and donors to be used for fundraising opportunities in the future.

We photographed volunteers, animals, and staff to create a substantial library for the organization to use for marketing collateral ongoing to ensure brand consistency without requiring more investment.


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