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Case Study

For the past 5 years, Mohawk Group has commissioned us to support their participation in the annual NeoCon conference in Chicago, the launch of their impeccably-designed fancy new showroom and their latest product offerings. Our job would be to understand the significance of these three coinciding launches and their impact on key target audiences, then develop a digital experience to create a fever among buyers for what was to come.


Dan Banko
Sandra Mulder



THE Project

We collaborated closely with Mohawk’s product design team to ideate a theme that encapsulated the next evolution for the brand. We landed on: Floors That Move You. And used this as a foundation to create a digital experience that would, well, move you.

Our challenge with this digital design was to tell the story of 7 disparate product lines under one common theme—and make it compelling to boot. So we storyboarded and filmed a series of case study-inspired videos and still photos to help tell the story cohesively.

In each video, the narrative of each product line followed a consistent arc in execution and flow. We incorporated secondary footage of the product production process to invite our audience behind the scenes with a close-up, exclusive look at both innovation and final product.

The final microsite included a simple yet full outline of each product—from initial inspiration to final execution. We integrated social media directly into the site and media content as well to give the curious all the answers they needed without having to ask.


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