Case Study

Orthopaedic shoes don’t exactly have a reputation for being fashionable; National Shoe is working to change that. They design and sell footwear that both cares for feet biomechanically and also looks good, too. Imagine! Their extensive line of orthopaedic footwear includes slippers, boots, sandals, dress shoes, and casual shoes for women, men, and kids, too.


Dan Banko
Sandra Mulder



THE Project

National Shoe first hired us 10 years ago to shoot photography for their catalogue. And we’ve been photographing for them ever since.

It started with real people modelling footwear in scouted locations with European flair. National Shoe wanted to show up fancy and formidable. And they did! As time evolved and the product line matured, we pivoted our creative direction. The latest catalogue focuses on a more everyday lifestyle kinda vibe—for all types of people who do all types of things.

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