Case Study

We have been an enthusiastic supporter and partner of Theatre Aquarius since 2012—because… theatre! We love a good drama. We thrive in creativity. So when the Theatre asked us to photograph their actors in action and illustrate their marquee posters, no wasn’t an option. We were giddy like theatre club kids in public school.


Dan Banko
Russ Druiven
Sandra Mulder




THE Project

Through the years, we’ve have had the pleasure of illustrating marquee posters and of creating libraries of press and promotional photos. We built a robust press and promotional photo library for the Theatre by attending the final dress rehearsal of every performance (lucky us!). This gave us not only some great actors-in-action shots but also enabled us to photographically document the working process of the theatre and the actors behind the scenes, which has resulted in some of our favourite assignment work of the last few years.

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